Underway in Casco Bay, MaineBeginning with an idea several years ago that we might want to do some extended cruising, we began our search for a way to make it happen.  We spent many hours comparing what each of us in the family was looking for in a boat…strong, comforable, fast…all sorts of traits that any cruiser would desire of a blue water cruiser, and are plentiful these days on many yacht brokerage websites..for a price.  We began to narrow our choices down to a handful of models we felt fit our wants, needs and desires, and set out to find our cruising boat.  We had narrowed our search to Irwin 52, Formosa 51, Ta Chaio 54, Farrington 52, and Vagabond 47.  Since we live in Maine, we are a short drive to find a pretty wide range of boatyards and choices.  We travelled to yards from Conneticut to Southern Maine learning what we liked and disliked.  We finally decided that our favorite layout and hull construction was the Vagabond 47.  She seemed to be a strong and beautiful boat that has proven herself as an excellent blue water cruiser.

This website hopes to give you a glimpse into dream of cruising, and how we made it (and continue to make it) happen.


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